Halloween Decor for Pop Culture and Anime Fans!

How can you show off how spooky you are while also showing off your love for your favorite anime? Fear not, boos and ghouls. Lux has got your back! While I wouldn’t say I’m one of the obsessive Halloween fans, I do enjoy this holiday quite a bit. And I love any excuse to decorate. The whole point of Studio Lux Art is to make home decor that is nerdy but mature at the same time, so Halloween decor is basically a necessity. Here’s everything I’ve come up with to date that works for Halloween goodies!

nightmare before christmas jack skellington hand painted planter pot

Nightmare Before Christmas Planter

Not to start a debate on whether Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie. The point is – it’s a classic and should be a staple watch in every household sometime between October 1 and December 31st every year. This bad boy is one of my most popular hand-painted planter designs, second only to the Up-inspired one. And I absolutely love painting this one! For shipping, this planter is available in 4.5″ and 6″. For local pickup in Orlando, FL – all sizes are available! I can ship larger sizes of this one – however, I cannot offer free shipping, unfortunately. Please, I’d love to paint a massive 18″ version of this one!

kawaii halloween planter pots

Kawaii Halloween Set

Spooky AND cute, this little trio is perfect for more seasonal decor. I don’t recommend repotting more sensitive plants that get dramatic about change, but if you have a plant that’s robust enough to handle repotting or you’ve got some propagations that just need a temporary home until they grow on their own, these may be the perfect option! Of course, you can always use these planters as a ‘cover’ by sizing up and placing your existing pot inside it instead. For tips on repotting your plant babies, I recommend checking out this helpful blog from Home Depot.

Paper Lanterns

Okay – while these are not inherently spooky, they do fit the vibe if you’re looking for some inexpensive and cute anime Halloween decor. These are so much fun to make! If you have your own cutting machine (like a Cricut or Silhouette), I’m offering downloadable versions here. If you don’t, not to worry. I’m shipping out full DIY kits too. All you have to do is assemble them! Please keep in mind these are paper and flammable. Do not use an open flame. Instead, opt for some battery-operated faux candles instead. I get these cute flicker-effect ones from Dollar Tree.

ouija tumbler

Ouija Tumbler

One of my best friends had a wallet for years that had a Ouija Board print. They loved it so much that when it fell apart, they bought another one. That’s what inspired this tumbler. Hand-drawn by me, I added my own unique touches to this one to make it fit my style a little more. I hope you like it!

I hope this helps you spice up your home this spooky season! If you have any requests for new spooky designs, let me know! I’d love to make more spooky things. You can always join the Discord to share your thoughts, too.

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