Dr. Stone Anime Glass Painting Collection

Words cannot express how much I’m LOVING Dr. Stone! I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the show at this point – in both subbed and dubbed. I’m caught up on the manga. This anime is just so good. Highly recommend if you want a good science anime. But I digress – that’s not the point of this post. This post is to show off a gallery of my Dr. Stone Anime Glass Paintings!

dcst dr stone senkuu ishigami glass painting

Senkuu Ishigami

The first Senkuu I painted was unapologetically for myself. I love this man and I shouldn’t. He’s everything that should be so annoying but, somehow, he makes it work. The quote on the front features his tagline – “This is exhilarating!” or “Get excited!” depending on which language you watch in. It’s a little tough to read on this one, which is why I changed the vinyl to red for all future paintings of this one. It’s also available with no quote if you prefer the clean look. Funny story with this one. Within days of me finishing this painting and listing it for sale, I received an order for another one. I was so excited because it’s still a decently small fanbase, I thought for sure it would take longer for people to find this boy. I’m not even sure I posted it on social media yet! Regardless, I painted it and shipped it out to the customer. About two weeks later, one of my friends sends a photo and says “hey, didn’t you paint this?” The recipient of this gift was a friend of my friend and none of us knew the other was involved. Small (stone) world, huh? This anime glass painting is available here if you’re interested.

dcst dr stone asagiri gen mentalist glass painting

Gen Asagiri

My best friend absolutely loves Gen, so I painted this one for them. Well, the first version of this one. That one had some color mishaps and it looks like he’s got some spaghetti sauce on his shirt so it lives in the darkest corner of my mess-ups. The one photographed above was a commission for an absolute saint named Emily. I couldn’t think of a quote for Gen for the life of me. I rewatched both Season 1 and 2 in an attempt to find one. Emily took this mission personally and found the perfect quote.

dr stone dcst glass painting tsukasa shishio

Shishio Tsukasa

This one might be my favorite of the Dr. Stone Anime Glass Painting Collection. I can’t explain it. It’s just browns. It was not complicated in terms of color variety but something about how it came out, I’m just obsessed. Then again, I do love Shishio Tsukasa – I knew that from the moment he came on screen. This one was also commissioned by Emily and again, she helped find the perfect quote. Soon after he’s revived, Tsukasa says “From now on, I’ll do the fighting.” I’m so grateful for her help and inspiration for these pieces! If you want to give me the gift of painting this one again, grab it here!

Which Dr. Stone character should I paint next to add to the collection? I’m leaning towards Ryusui as we eagerly await Dr. Stone Season 3 – set to release in Spring 2023! If you want to yell about this anime with our community, come join the Studio Lux Art Discord Server!

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