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Meet the Artist

Lux Beaudoin

Lux is an artist who heavily focuses on fandom, pop culture, and landscape pieces.

Hi! I’m Lux. I’m in my late 20s and my pronouns are she/her. I’m an adult, clearly, but I still love my anime just as much as the next person. I realized I wanted to show off my love of anime with more than just beautiful art prints on my wall. I wanted to decorate my home and the items I use every day. I wanted subtle anime merch that displayed my interests without coming off ‘childish.’ And so, Studio Lux Art was born.

Anime Merch for Adults

There’s no age restriction on fandom.

Made By Me

Everything I offer is handmade or hand-designed (usually both)
by me, in-house.

Quality Products

I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t use myself. In fact, most new products are a result of me making one for myself. I won’t skimp on quality. I want you to get a product that lasts.

Secure Payments

Buyer Protection is important to me. I hope you’ll never need to use it, but know that if something goes wrong with your order, I only accept payments that offer Buyer Protection.

What is Subtle Anime Merch?

If you know, you know. That’s the approach I like to take with a lot of my anime fan art designs. When you look at the product, I want it to just look like a random, cool design, not necessarily highly the fact that it’s anime merch. I avoid logos and identifiable characters in my designs, focusing rather on the more minor details of their design. Do they have a cool hat? What elements of their outfit inspires me? The end result is almost always something you could see in the world around you and never bat at eye, but other fans will know. You’ll exchange knowing glances and a nod to express that you both know that cup is based off an anime character, but it’s subtle enough that not everyone else will know, too. Think of it like this. If you see Pikachu, you know that’s Pokemon whether you’re a fan or not. But if you see red and white patterns with Sakura blossoms drawn on top, you might just think it’s a pretty Japanese-inspired piece, not a fan art piece for Genshin Impact.

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"Even though you want to try to, never grow up.”

~Peter Pan
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