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If you’ve been around Studio Lux Art like… at all… you’ve probably seen my popular manga panel collage products. While all the panels I use are sourced from official manga publications, almost all of them need some elements redrawn. Think about a manga – there’s usually backgrounds or speech bubbles, action text, other characters, etc. Very rarely do you have a subject with nothing touching them. For my collages, I wanted just the character that’s featured. No fingers from someone else, no text bubbles – just our star. So I undertook the very daunting, very long project of redrawing the manga panels for a ton of series, like My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, Haikyuu, Dr. Stone, and more.

This list is just what I’ve got farmed together so far. Do I want to do a ton more manga panel designs? Absolutely. But this is extremely time consuming. One character takes about 24 hours of work. And when you only have a few hours free each day – well. You can see the problem here. Below you will see all of the upcoming manga panel designs I have planned. If you want a specific character prioritized, just let me know! I can’t work on them first if I don’t know that’s who you want!

Finished Manga Panel Redraws

These manga panel redraws are completely DONE. I just need to collage them and get them on a mockup.

  • Fat Gum (BNHA)
  • Akaashi (HQ)
  • Bokuto (HQ)
  • Kuroo (HQ)
  • Choso (JJK)

Current Manga Panel Redraws

These manga panel redraws are currently in progress. I’m working on a few panels each week as time allows.

  • Isagi (Blue Lock)
  • Bachira (Blue Lock)
  • Chigiri (Blue Lock)
  • Kunigami (Blue Lock)
  • Raichi (Blue Lock)
  • Reo (Blue Lock)
  • Nagi (Blue Lock)
  • Rin (Blue Lock)
  • Sae (Blue Lock)
  • Shidou (Blue Lock)
  • Barou (Blue Lock)
  • Aiku (Blue Lock)
  • Mirio (BNHA)
  • Toga (BNHA)
  • Itadori (JJK)
  • Nobara (JJK)
  • Senkuu (DCST)
  • Taiju (DCST)
  • Kohaku (DCST)
  • Gen (DCST)
  • Hinata (HQ)

Upcoming Manga Panel Redraws

These characters I have the panels gathered and that’s about it. I have not started redrawing them yet.

  • Jirou (BNHA)
  • Present Mic (BNHA)
  • Midnight (BNHA)
  • Mina (BNHA)
  • Mirko (BNHA)
  • Momo (BNHA)
  • Monoma (BNHA)
  • Mt. Lady (BNHA)
  • Nejire (BNHA)
  • Ochako (BNHA)
  • Sero (BNHA)
  • Toge (JJK)
  • Majito (JJK)
  • Todo (JJK)
  • Tanaka (HQ)
  • Kageyama (HQ)
  • Kuroo (HQ)
  • Armin (SNK)
  • Eren (SNK)
  • Erwin (SNK)
  • Levi (SNK)
  • Mikasa (SNK)
  • Hange (SNK)
  • Chrome (DCST)
  • Hyoga (DCST)
  • Tsukasa (DCST)

These will be available as tumblers (of course) as well as a variety of other products. Wallets, coasters, totes, mouse pads, and more. Any existing designs that aren’t already available on these products will be added as well. I’m wearing too many hats!

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