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10 Anime Gift Ideas Under $20 (That Aren’t Prints)

Whether it’s birthday time, holiday time or you just want to show your friend you care about them, we’re often looking for the perfect anime gifts for anime lovers without breaking the budget. Budgets can be especially tricky to work with for gift exchanges in Discord servers. The thing is, a lot of fan art can be pricey! This is because artists spend hours creating these pieces, so their prices are completely valid. But that doesn’t always work with your budget. And hey – there’s nothing wrong with fan art prints. We all love them. But at the end of the day, we only have so much wall space! Sometimes you need some ideas that won’t take up real estate on your bedroom walls, right? If you need to stick to $20 or less, here are some great gift ideas for the anime fan in your life!

Anime Charms & Keychains

anime vinyl keychain

In fandom, you’re probably very used to hearing the term ‘charms.’ Charms are another term for keychains! Some come with different clasp mechanisms, some have glitter. Some are 3D, and some are double-sided. There are so many options out there to choose from, but most importantly, almost any option you choose will be under $20! It’s the perfect budget-friendly gift for anime lovers.

Anime Lanyards

sk8theinfinity miya chinen subtle anime merch keychain lanyard

Okay so charms are overdone – got it. How about somewhere to hang those charms? Ita bags are popular, but they can be out of budget. How about a lanyard? Lanyards can be super subtle yet awesome anime fan art merch. Why not opt for a character-themed one? It’ll match your cosplay while you’re out at a convention, keeping your badge visible without ruining the aesthetic of your outfit. It can depend by shop – but most lanyards I’ve seen have always been under $20, unless they’re extra thick or come with extras.

Anime Coasters

jjk gojou satoru infinite void fingers crossed with roses over space coaster

Now we’re getting pretty unique, huh? Anime Coasters. Think about it. These can be such good subtle anime merch for decorating the home while protecting the table. I can’t say I’ve seen these around outside of my shop, so I don’t know for certain how they factor into budget, but I know mine come as a set of 4 for $15. You can get one or two for less than that! I’d say for a friend who only has their bedroom, one or two should be fine for them. I have one on my nightstand and one on my desk. For a friend with an entire home to decorate, 4 or more is the way to go!

Anime Greeting Cards

These can be found all over! The perfect way to say Happy Birthday or Get Well Soon without getting the boring cards from the department store. Cater to your friend’s nerdy side and get them a card that feels more personal because it relates to their interests! Besides my shop, I recommend searching Etsy or Red Bubble to find the perfect card for your friend. Plus, these should always be under $20!

Anime Stickers

fruits basket yuki kyo sunset sticker

Another classic – stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers? Unless you’re going for a full pack of stickers, they’re most likely going to be well under $20, too. You can find stickers everywhere. Etsy, Red Bubble, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Marketplace. Literally, everywhere. Best of all, they’re usually only $1-$5 and many will ship free! Or at least mine do, and I know I’m not alone in this one.

Anime Wallets

sk8theinfinity langa hasegawa reki kyan subtle anime merch wallet

Some wallets are going to run much more than $20 – especially if they’re more complex or custom. But many others, like the ones on this site? $20 and under! Wallets are great gifts. Everyone uses them (okay most people use them) and they can easily be swapped with your mood or outfit.

Anime Phone Accessories

genshin impact geo vision subtle anime merch phone grip

Okay this one I can say with full confidence — everyone’s got a phone. And chances are, if they’ve got a phone, they want a case or a grip for their case. Luckily, most cases and phone grips will also be under $20, unless they’re real fancy or extra. But if simple is okay. you’ll find one in your budget, I’m sure.

Anime Totes

delivery god yato tote

Totes are extremely popular – especially as more and more states place restrictions on plastic bags. So why not gift your friend something unique to their interests AND good for the planet? Totes are another one that pricing will vary from shop to shop but more often than not, you’ll see these coming in at under $20.

Anime Paper Lanterns

Another one I’m not entirely sure anyone else but me offers yet but I hope they do soon! I love these paper lanterns because they’re so cute yet so quick and easy. Plus, they don’t cost much to make at all! For $10 or less, you can have a paper lantern themed around your favorite show or video game! These also make great options for kids who want to craft. I made super easy tutorials to follow so anyone can assemble these.

Anime Mugs

my hero academia bnha boku no hero academia yuuei ua high school bakugou kacchan katsuki ground zero dynamight king explosion manga panel mug it's too early

Appeal to everyone’s cottage core or night owl sides — anime mugs are a great option for anime gifts under $20. Coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, hot cocoa drinkers – we all love a good mug. Mugs are usually around $15-$20, unless you’re going for a BIG one – then they might run you a little more. Here, I have 11oz mugs for $15, and 15oz mugs for $20 – so you have some options here.

Hopefully, this helps you think up some new ideas for great anime gift ideas under $20! Be sure to poke around on Etsy and Red Bubble a bit. And if you do find an artist you love, see if they have a standalone website like this one to shop! That almost always means less fees for the artist and helps them out a ton. Many artists also offer lower pricing on their websites since they don’t have those seller fees. Can’t hurt to take a look!

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